Comparison, the Thief of Joy


Social media makes it too easy to compare yourself to others. You're either sizing yourself up, or wallowing in self pity and bitterness because your life isn't a certain way. The word comparison itself just makes me shutter. I think sometimes we forget that social media is just a highlight reel. We lock away the hurt, anger, stress, and anxiety that life throws at all of us, and we hide it from the rest of the world. Real life is not just a matter of tiny squares, where you control what goes in them to showcase it to the world. It's disorganized, and awkward, and filled with emotions.

Fall Activities: A Day at the Farm


With October fast approaching, Colin and I decided it was time to start celebrating the season with a visit to some of the farms near our home. We drank hot apple cider and ate pumpkin tarts, picked up some gourds, and local apple butter. After that we headed to another farm to play with some horses, go for a hike, chase chickens, and admire the owls. I love visiting the countryside, it's so quiet and peaceful. It was a super exciting moment for me because I hadn't been around horses since my injury which was 4 years ago, while I miss riding horses terribly, petting them and just being around them again made me the happiest person there. We sat by the lake watching people fish and just took in the silence, it was a breath of fresh air after a long week of work and school. If you're stumped on what to do to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the leaves changing, definitely make the trip up to the countryside. There are so many fresh fruit and corn stands, apple picking, and hiking all around you. Here are some photos from our day!

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