Growing Our Faith as a Couple


Now that our 3 year anniversary is coming up, I've done a lot of reminiscing of our early moments together. Comparing it to now, we've grown in a multitude of ways together and on individual levels. I'd never felt so close to a person in my entire life, Colin had become my best friend and much closer could you get right? wrong.

5 Bible Verses For Comfort & Strength


It is in my quiet time with God that I feel at peace. As the pressure of life continuously piles up, I've found it healing to  always take time before bed to unplug and read scripture and reflect. When you're feeling overwhelmed and defeated, focus on His promises rather than your problems and pray for strength, it is the most comforting act you could do for yourself and your faith in Him. I picked only five scriptures because I think it's best to reflect on a few that truly speak to your spirit and heart.

Simple Ways to Spread Love This Christmas


Christmas can be a jubilant time for many people, it is a time where we prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ, spend time with family, reflect, and give thanks. My spirit bursts with inspiration, gratefulness, and joy. It isn't the same for everyone though, Christmas can be one of the most difficult times of the year for some people. While everyone else spends the evening of Christmas eve indulging in a spectacular dinner, there is someone who is wondering if they'll even eat at all. While everyone opens their extravagant gifts in the morning, there is a child praying for a fraction of what others have, and a mother crying because she cannot afford to get her child the same toys as everyone else. We should never turn a blind eye on this. I know I have been incredibly blessed to be able to have wonderful food and gifts far beyond what I need, but because of this, it is our duty to give what we can to those who need an extra helping hand. Although it can be tainted as a season of getting, we should never forget to give far more than we get.
The good news is, there are so many organizations that need your help this season! Here are some ways you can help your community:

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